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 dicotyledon  darkhat ka beech  درخت کا بیج
• dicotyledon
flowering plant with two cotyledons; the stem grows by deposit on its outside
dicot, exogen, magnoliopsid
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English Urdu Dictionary

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Latest Comments Urdu English Dictionary
I found مردم شماری English meaning (census) in this website, its great online urdu to english dictionary, I often find dictionary words in this website.
sadiq lahore - on census Sun 12 Mar, 2017
Very nice distionary
abdulrazzak thatta - on Traveler Thu 09 Mar, 2017
I think the word Bulk or balk both are different words. But their pronunciation is same. When we study heat transfer that time our teacher used to use this word many time in his lecture. And I took his pronunciation of this word Balk. But it is different in meaning. Now the concept is clear
moiz khan islamabad - on balk Wed 08 Mar, 2017
need idioms for practical life to share with others. i know the importance of idioms, plz also share in urdu/ or with urdu translation. request for every one to share me on mobile or email. thanx Mir samad khan from. Battagram.
mir samad khan battagram pomang - on idiom Tue 07 Mar, 2017
abdul sattar hoat sakrand - on Bride Sat 04 Mar, 2017
Cyclone definition in urdu
salma hyderabad - on Storm Fri 03 Mar, 2017
I am agree with it
zahoor srinager - on degeneration Wed 01 Mar, 2017
Our Pakistani political parties want to see the Reinstate of Nawaz Sharif from Panama case. He also wants to bring back himself into original existence but it is not possible because this country has to reform now. The stick of army is working now this is simple and ultimate reality of Pakistan will be reform now start to count down from reverse counting.
mohammad amir jhelum - on Reinstate Mon 27 Feb, 2017
how r u
ubaid ullah muzaffargharr - on Sex Sun 26 Feb, 2017
Nowadays I am seeing the word enlargement so much in the news papers when I read news paper in the early morning. Due to the new start of terrorism across the Pakistan. news paper using this word like that enlargement of terrorism across Pakistan. Express Tribune is the open enemy of Pakistan. As they promote terrorism in Pakistan.
abdul aziz hyderabad - on enlargement Thu 16 Feb, 2017
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