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Big bara بڑا

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in an advanced stage of pregnancy


Abundant, Adult, appreciable, Arrogant, Bad, bighearted, boastful, bountiful, braggart, bragging, braggy, brimful, Broad, cock-a-hoop, commodious, conceited, consequential, Considerable, crowing, enceinte, eventful, excessive, expectant, expecting, extravagant, Fat, flashy, Free, fr

big Comments Urdu English Dictionary

Leading means big bara. We used this word in our math’s book of chapter matrices. a topic which has a word leading diagonal. it means bara diagonal. Well lead is also an element of periodic table which has a symbol pb. This radioactive element leading meaning is big and lead is also a big element that is why we call radioactive element.

Mon 12 Jan, 2015 murtaza doha

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