Bother Meaning in Urdu 3965

English Roman Urdu اردو
Bother fikarmand فکر مند

Definition & Synonyms


something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness


Annoyance, botheration, Coarse, Fuss, hassle, infliction, Pain, pain in the neck, Trouble, arse, arsehole, arse-licker, Ass, bastard, brownnose, Cock, cock up, crap, cunt, darkie, dick, fanny, Fart, flashy wog, fuck, fuck up, Hawk, Negro girl, pain in the arse, pain in the ass, piccan

bother Comments Urdu English Dictionary

We often use the word in Urdu language is that "Topi karana" but in formal ways this word is "bahana banana", so if we convert the word "bahana banana" in English, its mean is "pretend", but if i convert "topi karana", so what is the meaning of this informal word?

Mon 24 Mar, 2014 rukhsaar karachi

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